Extended Access to Higher Ethanol Blends Will Save Consumers Money at the Gas Pump

A recent decision by the Biden administration to extend access to higher blends of ethanol through the summer month began on June 1, resulting in cost savings for Americans at the gas pump.

“Gas prices are taking their toll on Colorado families,” said Colorado Corn Administrative Committee President Jeremy Fix. “Having access to higher levels of ethanol will save drivers money this summer.”

Biden’s action came after a 2021 court decision – resulting from oil industry efforts to limit the growth of higher ethanol blends – was set to end full-market access fuel with a 15% ethanol blend this summer.

Ethanol has been priced at least 80 cents less per gallon than unblended gasoline at wholesale throughout the spring, and drivers currently save up to 20 cents or more per gallon where E15 is available. E15 is lower in carbon, tailpipe and evaporative emissions.

In 2019, the use of ethanol in gas reduced CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions by 54.1 million metric tons—the equivalent of removing 11.5 million cars from the road for an entire year. Ethanol benefits consumers and their vehicles, our environment, rural communities, and our country’s economy.

Drivers can find retail fuel locations that offer E15 and learn more about the benefits of E15 at www.lookforthebluehose.com.