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Through grassroots advocacy, the growers’ association works to protect the livelihood of its’ members. This means, if you are a member, CCGA represents you, protects agricultural interests, and educates lawmakers, government officials, media, and the public about legislative and regulatory issues impacting the grain corn industry at the state and national levels.

As the membership arm of Colorado Corn, CCGA is also an affiliate of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). Together and with other commodity and farm organizations CCGA elevates the voices of Colorado corn producers. Together, we are a unified voice for agriculture.

Shaping public policy via legislative and regulatory processes are at the core of WHAT CCGA does. And, as a dues paying member, you are at the core of WHO CCGA is all about.

The strength of CCGA is found in our grassroots program when members get involved in the political process.

Your presence at functions, your financial support, the actions you take on the issues, and those times when you talk to others about your farm – all matter. Together, we are stronger and better able to focus the future of agriculture.

On this page, we provide tools for you to use to contact state and national legislators or other public officials regarding issues important to your farm and your future. If you want to get more involved in our grassroots advocacy efforts contact our Members Services Director.

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position summary

The Colorado General Assembly meets for 120 days each year to conduct the business of the state. During these four months, Colorado Corn Growers Association strives to monitor all legislation that could impact our members and too directly engage in a positive or adverse position when we feel strongly about an issue. Our areas of interest include agricultural issues in addition to transportation, water, taxes, land use, and a variety of miscellaneous issues.

The Public Policy committee convenes by phone on a weekly basis during the legislative session to review the progression of bills, discuss new bills, and to take positions if warranted.

CCGAs lobbyist is in constant communication with members of the legislative body, especially the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, and the leadership of the body to make sure the opinion and position of the state’s corn industry is known. When in recess, CCGA continues to be engaged with members of the General Assembly and monitors any interim committee, regulatory process, or issue (i.e. water, transportation, etc.) that could impact CCGA members.

Each year, CCGA publishes a Position Summary to capture the legislative activity at the state and/or national level. The most recently completed year or two can be found on this page.

2019 Position Summary document
2018 Position Summary document

Policy Principles

Each year, CCGA Public Policy Committee reviews and updates the guiding documents that clearly outline the policies our organization is working toward. Policy Principles are broad statements to guide the committees work in an effective, yet nimble manner. Specific policy is the responsibility of the Committee, CCGA Directors, and membership to identify and act upon when necessary.

The nation’s food and energy security depend on agricultural production. As individuals and an organization, our involvement in public policy is an opportunity to advocate for agriculture; our single greatest measure to protect and preserve family farms and allied agribusiness partners.

Policy Principles Document

Regulatory Affairs

Every business, including agriculture, is subject to rules and regulations that govern their activities. Across the state of Colorado and at the national level, Colorado Corn Growers Association engages and assists in the rule-making process by providing testimony, perspective and practical information to lawmakers and government officials. The grassroots ability to provide guidance, protect or eliminate unnecessary burdens on the agricultural industry, is equally, and in some cases, more impactful than legislative lobbying.

Colorado Corn Growers Association Regulatory Affairs Committee is focused on safeguarding the best possible outcomes for members and engages on issues based on their relevance to corn producers and agriculture.

“Grassroots is an ATTITUDE. It is an attitude of freedom, of creativity, of unrestrained political enthusiasm, of willingness to band together with ordinary citizens for a common purpose.”

focus areas

+ Nutrient management for air and water quality
+ Food safety and biotechnology
+ Fertilizer use regulations
+ Environmental and economic sustainability
+ Excessive regulatory mandates

Recent Involvement

+ ELD Hours of Service (HOS) and Agriculture Exemptions
+ Commercial Driver’s License testing
+ Regulation 85 – non-point source contributions from agricultural sources
+ Clean Water Act; Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS)
+ Air quality monitoring
+ Particulate matter dust regulations
+ Electric power transmission line placement
+ Spill Prevention and Counter-Control (SPCC) requirements
+ National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
+ Rocky Mountain National Park – Ammonia volatilization/deposition
+ Early warning system pilot project system development