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CCAC Statement on Governor’s Budget Proposal Which Includes Funds to Preserve Agriculture in Republican and Rio Grande River Basins

November 4th, 2021
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The following statement can be attributed to Jeremy Fix, corn producer and president of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee:

We applaud Gov. Polis, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources for recognizing the importance of agriculture in the Republican River Basin and Rio Grande River Basin, and their effort to support farmers and ranchers through the $15,000,000 “high impact” stimulus funds in Governor Polis’ FY 2022-2023 budget. These funds will be extremely beneficial to help preserve agriculture and the rural communities in these basins as they work to meet deadlines to reduce their water use in these areas.

Colorado Department of Agriculture press release: https://ag.colorado.gov/press-release/governors-budget-proposal-includes-funds-to-preserve-agriculture-in-republican-and
Office of State Planning and Budget: https://www.colorado.gov/governor/office-state-planning-budgeting

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