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About Us

Producer Driven

Imagine a world where corn farmers are empowered, supported, and equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. The Colorado Corn Promotion Council (CCPC) makes that vision a reality. Established in 1987 by farmers, for farmers, CCPC has been passionately serving the corn producers of Colorado for decades. It is dedicated to investing in research, market development, promotion and outreach to help you succeed. 


Collaborating with local, national and international partners, such as the US Meat Export Federation promoting US Beef and Pork in South Korea and Mexico, the CCPC aims to expand the corn industry in all its forms, from grain corn and animal protein to ethanol and distiller’s dried grain with solubles (DDGS). By focusing on you, the farmer, the CCPC ensures that the many benefits and uses of corn are recognized and celebrated. 

Building Trust. Enhancing Markets. Driving Sustainability.

The CCPC is committed to creating a future where corn farmers across the state thrive in a sustainable and profitable industry.

Investing in Sustainability, Building Lasting Relationships and Working With Industry Leaders

The CCPC is dedicated to investing in sustainability-focused research projects that directly benefit corn farmers. By encouraging the adoption of best management practices, it supports both environmental sustainability and producer profitability. 


It is also devoted to building lasting relationships with supply chain partners, initiating high-impact collaborations with livestock industry partners, and engaging with those who buy, handle, process and enjoy the benefits of Colorado grain corn and its by-products. This focus on collaboration ensures that your corn reaches the best possible markets and applications. 


Finally, the CCPC is passionate about working with industry leaders in grain, biofuel and animal agriculture to develop export markets, grow innovative markets for grain in all forms and explore new uses of corn, such as through their new partnership in the Radicle Corn Supply Chain Challenge with Radicle Growth. By tapping into the power of innovation and prioritizing farmer empowerment, the Colorado Corn Promotion Council is here to help you maximize your corn’s potential and achieve the success you deserve. 

Established to Manage the Corn Checkoff

The Colorado Corn Promotion Council (CCPC) was established over thirty years ago to manage a one-penny-per-bushel assessment collected by first handlers of sales of corn in the state.

The CCPC continues to manage the investments of Colorado’s corn checkoff dollars. This allocation is allowed to be used specifically for research, market development, outreach and education on behalf of corn producers in the state.

Overall, the CCPC works to showcase the $40 billion economic impact of corn for the state, making it a top contributor to Colorado’s economy each year. The CCPC emphasizes the stewardship of resources made by corn producers and their efforts in feeding and fueling Colorado’s five million plus population.

These funds are only invested after considerable discussion and a thoughtful approach to what’s going to be most effective for the Agriculture and Corn Community as a whole.

Farmers elected to the board and the annual budget are subject to approval by the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture. The penny-per-bushel funds are prohibited from being used for policy efforts – such as lobbying for or against bills that impact corn producers.

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