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Action Teams

Provide Direction on Decisions

The purpose of the actions teams is to provide a dedicated group of individuals, both producers and industry partners, to provide direction on the decisions that are made for the investment of check-off dollars. Actions teams meet 3-4 times per year and are a great way for producers to be introduced to what the CCPC does.

CCPC Action Teams and Members

Market Development Action Team

Responsible for supporting strategic promotions, outreach programs, projects, and collaborations focused on innovative market development that leverages checkoff funds to find new uses for corn to preserve, maintain, and increase both domestic use and export demand.


  • Derek Heckman
  • Mike Lefever
  • Troy Schnieder
  • Matt Mulch
  • Nathan Weathers

Research Action Team

Overseeing investment of checkoff funds into projects that advance new technology and efficient production methods, all while reducing corn’s environmental impact without sacrificing farm profitability.


  • Wayne Brew
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Derek Heckman
  • Paul Beyer
  • Robert Johnson
  • Roy Pfaltzgraff

Issues and Engagement Action Team

A producer-lead A-Team supporting strategic producer education and engagement related to key industry issues, this team supports reputation management strategies, and strategic partner relationships by investing checkoff funds into projects to raise producer and key opinion leader awareness in industry advancements in sustainability and regulatory issues impacting corn farmers.


  • Matt Mulch
  • Kyle May

Sustainability Action Team

Made up of corn producers and industry thought leaders and strategic partners, the goal is to define sustainability and support communication strategies related to Colorado corn producers and related supply chains. This work will also advise projects and research that focus on sustainable production methods.


  • Jeremy Fix
  • Paul Beyer
  • Stratton Kraft

Application to Serve with Us

If you are interested in serving on one of our actions teams, make sure to fill out an application. Applications for the Action Team are opened on July 1 of each year, and due by October 1 of each year.  Applications are reviewed and applicants are notified by the beginning of Decembers. Terms are for one year and begin on January 1 of each year.