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Strategic Partners

Beneficial Relationships

Domestic and international markets are important to maintain profitable prices and manageable grain storage volumes from year to year. CCPC has forged important relationships with organizations who have the resources to maintain, expand, and develop on-shore and off-shore market opportunities. Here is a brief look at those organizations.

Interesting Fact

According to USGC, in the 2016/2017 crop marketing year, (Sept. 1- Aug. 31) the U.S. grew more than 385 million metric tons (14.6 billion bushels) of corn.

Strategic Partnerships


National Corn Growers Association

Founded in 1957, the National Corn Growers Association represents nearly 40,000 dues-paying corn growers and the interests of more than 300,000 farmers who contribute through corn checkoff programs in their states. NCGA and its 50 affiliated state associations and checkoff organizations work together to help protect and advance corn growers’ interests.

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U.S. Grains Council

U.S. Grains Council (USGC) builds demand for U.S. corn and corn products like ethanol and DDGS in countries across the world. The Council’s offices around the world not only facilitate the sale of U.S. corn exports, but also educate buyers and create market demand for our product.

Top Three U.S. Corn Export Destinations
Mexico = 25%
Japan = 21%
South Korea = 9%

According to USGC, in the 2016/2017 crop marketing year, (Sept. 1- Aug. 31) the U.S. grew more than 385 million metric tons (14.6 billion bushels) of corn. Roughly seventeen percent of production was exported to more than 80 different countries.

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U.S. Meat Export Federation

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) builds international markets for red meat, which equates to bushels of grain exported in the form of protein. In fact, a study on the value of red meat exports in 2018 showed beef and pork exports used a combined total of nearly 14.9 million tons of corn and DDGS. Since the study conducted in 2015, one in every four bushels of added feed demand for corn is due to beef and pork exports.

In the last decade, CCPC and USMEF have focused on projects to build meat demand in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Caribbean. These projects have varied from retail and consumer promotions to cutting, grading and buyer training programs.

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By working with the organizations below, CCPC has made farmer-paid assessments go further, faster – and together we continue to make great strides growing the production and use of corn.

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Industry Partners

Education Partners

Ethanol Partners