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Corn Producers

Corn Production

At the Colorado Corn Promotion Council, we work hard to advocate for and advance the interests of Colorado’s corn farmers. Each year, our board of directors and staff invest producer checkoff dollars in a variety of programs and projects that will help move the grain corn industry in our state forward and drive positive change for the industry as a whole. Our Producer First Platform™ plays a critical role in our ability to achieve these goals and elevate the success of our state’s corn producers. 

Our Producer First Platform™

Our exclusive Producer First Platform™ ensures Colorado corn producers are getting the most for their efforts while providing an opportunity to make a real difference locally and globally. Our platform accomplishes this in a variety of ways: 

How We Help

Increase Profitability

Colorado Corn Council uses some of your checkoff dollars to conduct research that will help corn producers increase the profitability of their operation. Our research accomplishes this in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Helping corn producers improve their efficiency 
  • Increasing soil health 
  • Researching and identifying the innovations and technology that will keep farms profitable 

Become a Voice for Positive Change

We work to empower corn producers to advocate for themselves and become a voice for positive change in the industry. As a producer, you’re on the front line. No one understands the challenges facing corn farmers the way you do. Your insight is critical to moving the industry forward, and we provide you with opportunities to get involved in order to shape the policies that will elevate the industry.  

Whether you choose to join the board, join an action team, participate in outreach initiatives or contribute in another way, there are many opportunities for you to have your voice heard. Many of our efforts are focused on engaging producers to become more active members in the community. 

Expand Market Opportunities

Corn is a global commodity, and there is tremendous competition among producers worldwide to gain a foothold in the markets available. We work alongside a variety of partner organizations to build additional demand for corn in all forms and to identify new markets that bring Colorado corn producers enhanced value for their products.  

The overwhelming majority of consumers are outside of the United States, and our work with our partner organizations helps build relationships in international markets to improve your access to as many of them as possible. 

In addition to working to expand access to international markets, our efforts are also focused on promoting newer uses of corn, including initiatives that: 

  • Expand the uses of ethanol (e.g., Sustainable Aviation Fuel) 
  • Convert grain corn into usable plastic products 
  • Development of a direct ethanol fuel cell 

Drive Sustainability

The corn industry has a long history of being at the forefront of adopting sustainability practices that benefit their land and communities while allowing them to grow more with less. Colorado Corn Council’s sustainability efforts focus on three primary areas: 

  • Economic sustainability – Without profitable farms, there are no sustainable farms. We aim to ensure long-term profitability for our farmers through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices that enhance the environment and social well-being while still being economically viable.  
  • Ecological sustainability – We work to help our producers preserve our natural resources for future generations by utilizing new technologies, new practices, and soil health principles that help producers grow more while minimizing the impact to the land and our environment. 
  • Social sustainability – We strive to provide a safe, secure supply of food, feed and fuel while ensuring the well-being of our farming communities and the broader society to create a positive social impact. 

Some of the sustainability initiatives your checkoff dollars contribute to include: 

  • Soil health 
  • Water stewardship 
  • Ecosystem resilience 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Waste reduction 

Soil Health 

Healthy soil provides the foundation for effective agriculture production, and we work to help corn producers leave their land in a better place than they found it. Our soil health initiatives have contributed to a significant reduction in ecological impact and build resiliency into the agricultural system. 

Water Stewardship 

Water plays an invaluable role in raising crops. We work with producers to help protect this essential resource for the benefit of their crops, their communities and the planet. 

Ecosystem Resilience 

There are approximately 90 million acres of corn planted annually in a variety of unique ecosystems. Our sustainability efforts help support the health of these ecosystems by promoting integrated pest management techniques, establishing wildlife habitats on their lands, and more. 

Energy Efficiency 

Our promotion of the latest and most advanced agricultural technology has helped make corn producers more productive while reducing the amount of energy and emissions needed for corn production. Our programs expanding the production of ethanol and other corn-based renewable fuels has also contributed to carbon reduction. 

Optimized Utilization of Corn 

Corn is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways – from animal feed to ethanol production to bioplastics. This versatility provides many ways to utilize all the different components and as a result, each corn kernel contributes to an assortment of products. 

Influence Corn Industry Initiatives

We invest checkoff dollars to influence a wide range of corn industry initiatives on the state, national and international level. We collaborate with members of the supply chain, government, academia and nonprofits to help elevate the industry and further our farmers’ commitment to sustainable use of our resources. 

Get Involved with the Colorado Corn Promotion Council

Corn producers are the backbone of our industry, and we need your help to further our mission. The more you contribute your time and energy to the Colorado Corn Promotion Council, the greater an impact our Producer First Platform™ will have on effecting the positive change our industry needs. 

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