Focused on the Future

Established and led by farmers, THE Colorado Corn PROMOTION COUNCIL is expanding opportunities, advancing the use of the most innovative technology and production practices that result in profitable, sustainable corn crops.

Welcome to Colorado’s Corn Checkoff Organization

Colorado Corn Promotion Council (CCPC) represents the grain corn farmers of this fertile and a-maizing state! Did you know, more than 3000 corn producers are tirelessly focused on increasing crop yield while reducing environmental impact? This is a dynamic that brings out the very best in Colorado’s future-focused farmers.

Over thirty years ago, farmers established a one-penny-per-bushel assessment to be collected by the first handlers of sales of corn in our state. Since then, the Colorado Corn Council board of directors and staff have invested producer dollars in research, market development, issues & engagement, education, and outreach to enhance the viability of the grain corn industry.

Through this organization, farmers are able to share their love for the land and their way of life with Colorado’s kids and adults – many of whom have never set foot upon a farm – about the wonders of the sustaining and versatile crop that is grain corn.

As stewards of land, water, and other natural resources, farmers take environmental responsibilities very seriously. Equally important is their role in growing the feed, fuel, and fiber found in over 4,000 products.


Investing checkoff funds into projects that advance new technology and efficient production methods, all while reducing corn’s environmental impact without sacrificing farm profitability.

Working independently and alongside other organizations, we are building demand for corn in all forms: grain corn, animal protein (e.e. meat, eggs, and dairy), ethanol, and distillers dried grain with soluble (DDGs). How? By leveraging checkoff funds to find new uses for corn, to preserve, maintain, and increase domestic use and export demand.

The CCPC manages the investments of Colorado’s corn check-off dollars (one penny per bushel of grain corn produced in the state.) The funds are spent on research, promotion, market development and education efforts. We are careful guardians of farmers’ dollars and task ourselves to be prudent and responsible in investing the assessments.

Curious about the process that turns grain corn into ethanol?

From field to tank, we invite you to ‘join us’ on this tour.

Solving an age-old riddle about corn: Is it a Vegetable, a Fruit or a Grain? Surprise. It’s all three! But no matter how you classify corn, it’s one yellow bundle of goodness.


Corn is not just feed or food. You’ll find corn in many manufactured items, from cosmetics to corn starch to crayons. Who knew that little yellow bead of a fruit/vegetable/grain could be so indispensable? We’re glad to help you appreciate corn, for all its versatility and goodness. Visit our Products page to learn more about the products that are made from corn.