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Board of Directors


The seven CCPC board members are nominated by corn producers and appointed by the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture. There are two directors from District 1, two directors from District 2, one director from District 3, and two directors who are at-large, and can reside in any district. Directors serve for a term of three years and can serve for up to two terms. Terms run from October – September.

Board of Directors

Matt Mulch

Burlington | President | District 2

Jessica Brophy

Yuma | Vice President/Treasurer | District 1

Wayne Brew

Delta | Secretary | District 3

Stratton Kraft

Fort Morgan | District 1

Kyle May

Stratton | District 2

Jeremy Fix

Wray | At-Large

Alex Eckhardt

La Salle | At-Large

Application to Serve with Us

Applications are opened on July 1 of each year and are due by August 1 of each year. Terms are for three years, and a producer can serve for two terms.

The Director Application will be available for download between July 1 and August 1.