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Colo. Corn Administrative Committee Welcomes Rail Legislation

December 2nd, 2022
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Colo. Corn Administrative Committee Welcomes Rail Legislation

The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee applauds the legislation passed in the U.S. House on Wednesday and U.S. Senate on Thursday that will keep the rail industry operating without the threat of a strike.

H.J.Res 100 is an emergency resolution to implement the Tentative Agreement as brokered by the Biden administration with the rail labor unions and the operators.

“The ability to ship corn and other agricultural products effectively and affordably is essential to the health of Colorado agriculture and rail service is a key component to that,” said Rod Hahn, President of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee. “Ensuring continuing rail service is crucial and it is encouraging to see Congress working together to ensure there are no disruptions.”

A strike or lockout combined with existing challenges in the rail system, at our ports, with trucking combined with record low water levels on the Mississippi River impacting numerous barge shipments would have had harmful consequences for the agricultural and broader U.S. economies.

“It’s gratifying to see the administration and private industry working together for public benefit,” said Hahn.

The National Corn Growers Association said the vote was a welcome development.

“Rail is crucially important to America’s corn growers, who rely on it to ship grains and fertilizer,” said NCGA President Tom Haag. “We are pleased to see that Congress is taking the necessary action to ensure that rail service continues to operate.”

A deal to avert a strike appeared imminent in recent months, but a disagreement over paid sick days put the country back on the pathway to a strike, which could have begun as early as Dec. 9. Left with no other options, Pres. Biden urged Congress to act. Biden is expected to sign the bill.

The National Corn Growers Association will continue to work with legislators on this issue, and the CCAC is grateful for their work on legislation that supports corn producers.

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