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CCAC Producers Appointed to NCGA Action Teams

November 3rd, 2021
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The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee is pleased to announce that two producers and the CCAC Executive Director have been elected to serve in leadership positions with the National Corn Growers Associations.

The appointed members and their respective action teams are as follows:




“It is great to see three corn producers from Colorado not only volunteer, but be selected to serve on NCGA action teams. These three individuals give Colorado corn farmers a seat at the table and a voice for issues impacting Colorado at the national level. NCGA is a great organization whose work benefits all of us and I am thankful that these three have committed their time and effort to benefit the production and demand for corn,” said Jeremy Fix, President for the CCAC.

Troy Schneider, who previously served on the Market Development Action Team, was promoted to be the chair of that team this year. “Colorado is well positioned to make sure that the concerns and needs of the producers of our state are heard with three representatives from the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee serving on NCGA action teams this coming year. The action teams and committees help set the direction that the NCGA board and staff focus on over the next year. I am personally honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of the NCGA Market Development Team for 2022. I would like to thank NCGA President Chris Edgington and the rest of the leadership for the opportunity for the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee to be a part of this process,” he said.

Mike Lefever, who is a CCAC alternate director, is also a NCGA board member. “As a NCGA board member, I’m the bridge for Production Technology and the board. In addition, I will be able to give Colorado’s opinions and issues on the issues of biotechnology, crop protection, pest management, and production technology. This year I’m the liaison for Alabama and South Dakota as well. Issues and lessons learned as a liaison for all teams and states can and will be a benefit for Colorado Corn producers,” Lefever stated.

In his first appointment to a NCGA Action Team, Nicholas Colglazier added, “I am proud of our Colorado corn producers and their willingness to serve at the national level, and I know that our producers will work hard to represent Colorado and work on behalf of all corn farmers. I am looking forward to the coming year, and the opportunity to serve on the Risk Management and Transportation Action Team.”

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