Investing in Research

Every year, CCPC provides dollars – as well as grower input and other resources – to a long list of projects to evaluate irrigation practices, alternative water-transfer methods, seed varieties, root structure, meat quality, farm safety, environmental impacts, biofuels and rotational fallowing, and more.

By teaming up with municipalities, businesses, universities, research facilities, and the state of Colorado, CCPC helps build on the continuous effort to bring more tools and knowledge to our producers, benefiting our first handlers, livestock producers, ethanol plants, and ultimately consumers. Research projects have varied over the years, but have focused on drought-tolerance, crop disease mitigation, hybrid development, crop residue management, and other aspects of sustainability in agriculture.

CCPC focuses on various research projects through Colorado State and other land grant universities.

We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in projects in which we collaborate with Colorado State University and other partners to help farmers grow more food, fuel and fiber with less resources.