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Colorado Corn Administrative Committee Announces Rebrand

March 7th, 2023
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Colorado Corn Administrative Committee Announces Rebrand

[Centennial, CO — March 7, 2023] Today, the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) announced a major rebranding, including name and logo. Starting today, the organization has officially rebranded to the Colorado Corn Promotion Council (CCPC). This improved branding will better reflect the organization’s mission and its commitment to the Colorado grain corn producers.

“The 2021-2022 year was a big year for our organization. I am excited to announce one of our biggest accomplishments, and that is the rebranding of our organization! We will now be known as the Colorado Corn Promotion Council. This change came from our strategic plan and better reflects the work our organization does day in and day out to promote the corn industry in Colorado,” said Rod Hahn, CCPC President.

Established and led by farmers, the CCPC is a state checkoff agency created in 1987, with passionate volunteer producer-leaders and talented administrative staff, focused on creating larger markets for corn produced in Colorado. The organization manages demand-building programs and research projects on behalf of Colorado grain corn and a one-penny per bushel assessment. For more than 30 years checkoff assessments have proven to promote utilization of grain corn and advance the use of the most innovative technology. The rebranding reflects the way the organization has grown, and better represents what they do.

The new brand identity is rooted in the work done through the strategic plan and better embodies the mission of our organization’s heritage. “The CCAC has always had a focus on improving the corn industry in Colorado,” said Nicholas Colglazier, Executive Director of Colorado Corn Promotion Council, “our new brand now truly reflects our mission, being the trusted, tireless promoters of corn.” The rebrand marks a milestone as the organization continues to promote Colorado grain corn with a new name and logo that will all work with its new mission, vision, and priorities.

The CCPC engages local communities in ways that showcase the long-term environmental services and important economic impact delivered by Colorado corn producers to communities across the state, and around the world. Domestic and international demand for corn and corn by-products, biofuels, and animal-based products like meat, eggs and milk is built through the work of the CCPC and their partners.

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