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Ethanol Trade Delegation from Mexico Visits Colorado

November 3rd, 2023
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Ethanol Trade Delegation from Mexico Visits Colorado

The U.S. Grains Council, in partnership with the Colorado Corn Promotion Council, hosted a delegation from Mexico on a post Global Ethanol Summit visit to Colorado. With the goal to learn about the ethanol industry in the state, the delegation visited many ethanol related stops including Gevo, the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, the CSU Spur Campus and Powerhouse Lab, Front Range Energy, and the Limited Irrigation Research Farm.

While visiting Gevo, they learned about how ethanol can be turned into sustainable aviation fuel to help meet climate goals in the transportation sector and how Gevo is working to reduce the carbon score of ethanol in jets to zero.

The group also visited Front Range Energy, an ethanol plant in Windsor, CO that produces over 40 million gallons of ethanol annually. Here they toured the plant, seeing the process of turning corn into ethanol, learning how they will capture and store carbon to improve their ethanol’s sustainability, and how the co-products like DDGS go to feed Colorado’s livestock industry.

Next was a stop at the Limited Irrigation Research Farm, where they saw the research being conducted on corn to ensure farmers are utilizing this precious resource as best as possible. They also discussed corn production in Colorado with a local farmer.

Lastly, a quick stop at a local Kum & Go fueling location allowed them to see how ethanol blended fuel is distributed across the area, and how consumers have a choice at the pump, where they can save money while also benefiting the environment.

Overall, the delegation from Mexico gained an appreciation for how corn is grown, ethanol is made, and the many opportunities there are to utilize ethanol to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution. The hope is they are able to take what they learned back to their country, to encourage additional use of ethanol to meet their climate and sustainability goals.

The Colorado Corn Promotion Council is a proud supporter of the U.S Grains Council as part of its mission to be a trusted market development partner in developing new markets for corn, ethanol, and ethanol coproducts.

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