There are so many uses for corn.

In those plump yellow kernels, there is energy, sustenance, and innovation. Did you know that most of the corn you see growing by the side of the road is destined to be cattle and poultry feed? Of all the corn that’s grown in Colorado, only 1% is what’s known as ‘sweet corn’ and is human edible.

The rest, 99%, is corn for grain and is used for livestock feed, vehicle fuel and industrial applications. Corn is also used for biofuel, lessening our dependence on foreign oil. And it’s a fuel crop that’s re-plantable!

The ingenuity of human beings is remarkable.

To take a little yellow bead of a fruit and make it so indispensable in our daily lives – as feed, as fuel, as food and as an industrial ingredient, well, that takes more thinking than we can truly ponder here at Colorado Corn. We’re just mighty glad to help you appreciate corn, for all its goodness. Products made from corn are numerous and so essential!

Oh, and that special 1% – sweet corn? We love it and consider it well worth growing. Sweet corn is an important element of cooking recipes the world over (did we mention ‘gluten free’?) … or you can eat it hot right off the cob. Yum.

The many products made from corn is absolutely astounding. Corn is in crayons, tire molds, plastic parts, drywall, drilling fluids, textile finishing and even cosmetics and hand soap.


More than 90% of field corn grown in Colorado is used to FEED farm animals such as beef and dairy cows, pigs, and chickens.


Getting from point A to point B sometimes takes a little C (Corn, that is). Ethanol is a high-octane, clean burning, corn-based fuel blended into 97% of the U.S. gas supply.


Americans eat more than 4 billion TACOS every year, many of which are wrapped in corn tortilla shells.


TIRES are what keep businesses moving. Cornstarch is added to tire molds before pouring the rubber to prevent sticking.